Seoul National University Library

  The SNU Library is one of the nation’s most prestigious libraries with a collection of 5 million volumes of books, more than 100,000 academic journals and e-journals, and over 200,000 non-book materials. Since the completion of Kwanjeong in February 2015, the size of the SNU Library has reached the record scale of 57,751㎡.  
  Initially inaugurated as ‘The SNU Affiliated Library’ in 1946, the name has shanged to the SNU Library in 1992. Currently, the SNU Library consists of the Main building, Kwanjeong, and 8 branch libraries.
 The Main building is a resource-based service center while Kwanjeong’s user-friendly space is fully equipped with high-tech facilities. The two buildings are connected and co-managed. 
 The SNU Library strives to fulfill the needs of today’s advanced and knowledgeable users by implementing an impeccable research information system and providing research support service. It also offers organized instructions on library use, in addition to collaborating with other libraries in sharing resources, playing the key role in a nationwide network of academic libraries.
  The SNU Library will continue to advance and it will become the world’s best library by maintaing its tradition of excellence.


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