Central Libraries About Introduction History

2006.04.14International Studies Library was established.
2001.09.01Information Management and Information Application divisions were merged as Information Management division, and administrative tasks of Information Employment division were newly established as Administrative Support Team and organized as 2 divisions and 1 team structure (Technical Services division, Information Management division, and Administrative support team) (School regulation No. 1197) 
2001.01.29The organization was restructured into 3 divisions and 6 Brach Libraries by combining Circulation division and General Affair division. (Presidential decree No. 17115)
1995.02.16Social Sciences Library and Dentistry Library were newly established, resulting in reorganization of 4 divisions and 6 Branch Libraries
1993.12.22The establishment was reorganized into 4 divisions and 4 Branch Libraries with newly established Business Library.
1992.03.01The Library was renamed as “Seoul National University Library” and its organization was restructured. Cataloging and Acquisitions Departments were merged as Technical Services Division; Circulation Dept. became Dept. of Circulation ; Reference Services absorbed Periodicals Dept. and became Information Management Division; Acquisitions Dept. became General Affairs Division; Kyujanggak Management Office became independent from SNU Library as Kyujanggak. This resulted in 4 divisions (Divisions of Technical Services, Public Services, Information Management, and General Affairs) and 3 Branch Libraries (Agriculture Library, Medical Library, and Law Library).
1983.12.12With the establishment of Law Library the organization was restructured into 4 divisions, 1 office, and 3 Branch Libraries
1979.12.31With the move and merger of Engineering Library into the Central library building the SNU Library’s integration plan was completed, resulting in the organizational structure of 4 divisions, 1 office, and 2 Brach Libraries (Agriculture Library and Medical Library)
1976.02.23Fine Arts Library and Music Library were integrated into main building.
1975.02.28With the revision of establishment ordinance of SNU (Presidential Decree No. 7556), the Central library was renamed from ‘Seoul National University Affiliated Library’ to ‘Seoul National University Library’, and was reorganized into 4 divisions and 1 office including Acquisitions, Cataloging, Reading Room, Reference Services Divisions, and Kyujanggak Collection Management office; Libraries of Education, Humanities, Law, Business, Public Administration, Liberal Arts and Journalism were transferred and moved to the Gwanak campus, followed by the move of the Pharmacology Library on August 27th of the same year. Also on October 4th of the same year, the Dentistry Library was integrated into the medical Branch Libraries.
1975.01.20In accordance with SNU Integration Plan, main building was moved to Gwanak campus between the 20th of January to 30th of January, 1975
1968.03.01Under the provision of SNU Affiliated Library Annex regulation (SNU regulation No. 418) Journalism and Liberal Arts Libraries are established, thus 14 annexes are established. 
1967.01.30Complying with enactment and enforcement of affiliated library regulations (SNU Regulation No. 67) of SNU, the regulations of SNU Central Library enforced since September 29th, 1961 were repealed.
1966.02.18Complying with enactment and enforcement of affiliated library regulations (SNU Regulation No. 418) of SNU, 12 affiliated Libraries of Engineering, Education, Agriculture, Humanities, Fine Ats, Law, Business, Pharmacology, Music, Medical Science, Dentistry and Administration were established.
1965.07.09Complying with establishment ordinance (Presidential Decree No. 2171) of public schools, the organization was restructured with 4 divisions of General Affairs, Librarian, Reading and Investigation and may hold an affiliated library when necessary.
1961.05.01Complying with establishment ordinance (Presidential Decree No. 254) of public schools, the library acquired administrative coordination as a university library, and September 29th of the same year, regulations of SNU Central Library were implemented effectively repealing former regulations.
1953.08.07Due to the return of the Government, the library was reinstated in Seoul and reopened on December 1st of the same year.
1950.06.25The Library was evacuated to Busan due to the Korean War, and on September of 1951, temporary library was newly built and opened along with lectures of SNU on 80-pyeong land at the foot of Mountain Gudeok located in Dongdaesin-Dong, Busan City. The library was restructured with 2 divisions of Business Affairs (General Affairs and Accounting, Book Importation, and Bookbinding: 3 sections) and Librarian (Oriental Literature List, Western Literature List, Book Loan, and Kyujanggak: 4 sections)
1949.12.31As the principal school was renamed to Seoul National University abiding by the provision of Educational Law (Law No. 86), the library was also renamed to ‘SNU Affiliated Library’. At the time, the organization was with the structure of 1 division and 5 sections including General Affairs division, Service section, Oriental Literature section, Western Literature section, Reading section and Loan Section.
1946.08.22As ‘Gyeongseong University’ was renamed to ‘Seoul National University’ under the ‘establishment ordinance of Seoul National University’, the library was inaugurated as ‘Seoul National University Affiliated Library’. At the time, the library included offices and reading rooms of 519-pyeong and stack room (4 floors) of 392-pyeong.