Access to the SNU Library

Central Library

02-880-8001, 5325
관악캠퍼스 62동

Central Library

The Seoul National University Library is divided and operated by the main building(formerly central library) and Kwanjeong. The main building is a service area focused on resources while Kwanjeong offers high-tech user-friendly facilities. The connection of the two spaces creates the best possible synergistic effect. 


Main building


Total area




Resource-focused services

Comfortable reading rooms,

high-tech IT, meeting space 


2F of the main building(formerly 4F of the central library)
and 2F of Kwanjeong, connected via passageway

Access to the SNU Library 

Users may use one of the ID cards listed below, recognizable by the Automated Entrance System to enter the library.

Automated Entrance System

    - Located at the main building 2F entrance of the main stack and the entrances of the Reading Rooms 1, 2, 3A, 3B
    - 1F entrance of Kwanjeong, 2F entrance facing the college of Humanities, entry way down from 3F facilities to 2F Kwanjeong, 
      3F entrance facing the college of natural sciences, 5F entrance of the rooftop garden

    Issuing an ID card
    • SNU ID card : Issued by the Seoul National University
    • Mobile ID Card
      • iPhone : Search the app store for "서울대 도서관ID카드"
      • Android : Search the app store for "서울대 도서관ID카드"
    • Mobile Pass : Library Homepage → Using the Libraries → Mobile Service : Mobile Pass
    • Library Membership Card : Apply Online
    • For the Public (Daily Pass) :
      • Main building Main stacks : Issued at the library main building 2F security desk upon submission of an ID ard. (This pass does not permit access to the computer lab)
      • Main building reading room : One day pass for reading room 3B can be issued at the security desk at the entrance of reading room 3A upon submission of an ID card.
    • For SNU Alumni (Daily Pass) :
      • Kwanjeong building reading room : Issued at the Kwanjeong building 1F information desk upon submission of an ID card

    ※ S-Card, Mobile Pass, and Library Membership Card can be used to enter the 9 Branch Libraries