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ASSIA (Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts)

Communication, education, home economics, health, immigration, etc. Social Sciences general field

Academic Search Complete

EBSCO has published a DB that has gathered 7,800 kinds of journals covering all various fields. Approximately 4,030 of them have Full-text and PDF original text. Some of the full-text journals which have been published for only 6 months to 1 year only have an index/abstract available. (Embargo)

Annual Reviews

Annual Review's publishing of journals in the fields of social science, life medical science, and physics is offered in the original text

Arts and Humanities Citation Index

Web of Science's publishing of 3 kinds of DB which are in the field of humanities. There are approximately 1,150 core scientific journals with reference index information provided

BAS online

The Association for Asian Studies has published a Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) online version for the Asian region after the year of 1971 in regards to a collection of 519,000 bibliographical information

Blackwell Synergy

Blackwell Publishing has published parts of 800 kinds of journals from 1997, the full-text is available

Brill Publishing Journal

Brill Publishing Comapny has provided various topics by online journals from 1998, full-text is available

Britannica (English version)

Britannica online (English version)

Britannica (Korean version)

Britannica online (Korean version)

Business Source Complete

EBSCO host provides a DB of economics, business administration, finance, accounting, taxation, commerce, industry, etc. in which 4,200 kinds of journals have been collected. Approximately 3,200 kinds of journals have the full-text available, Some recent journals which have been published within the past 6 months to 1 year only provide index/abstracts.(Embargo)

CNKI-CAJ online

Among the Chinese published scientific journals in the fields of literature/history/philosophy there are 330 kinds of journals with full-text available (3 user)


Chinese masters and doctoral thesis (in fields of literature/history/philosophy) are available (3 user)

CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts) Illumina

This is a combined index database in fields of all topics under a collection of 5 categories of about 100 detailed databases composed of Materials, High Technology, Engineering, Social Science &Education, Life Science &Environmental Collection, etc

Cambridge University Press Online

Cambridge University Press' publishing of all fields of various scholarly scientific journals of 196 kinds is available in full-text


The largest Japanese thesis information DB which provides collected thesis information from Japanese scientific journals and research contribution

Communication &Mass Media Complete

Approximately 200 kinds of communication and mass media related scientific journals are available in full-tex

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Lund University Libraries utilize the Open Access journal which has approximately 2,200 kinds of full-text available


American Economic Association has published approximately 600 kinds of economic/business administration related journals and books; there is also available bibliographical information for theses

Emerald Journals Online

Emerald Publishing Company has made 132 kinds of online journals available in full-text. Through Emerald ManagementXtra, the most powerful and inclusive DB related to business administration 110 kinds of peer review journals have been provided in full-text


A representative thesis writing bibliography management program that is generally used by students of more than 3,000,000 researchers and bibliographical administrators of the whole world

Hein Online

A DB of approximately 550 kinds of law related journals from the past to the present year issues (excluding the most current issue) is available

Highwire Online

Stanford University provides full-text for 32 kinds of academic journals from 18 academic institutes

Historical Abstracts / America : history &life

Collection of information on the history of America and the world

Humanities International Complete

About 1,800 kinds of indices for humanities related scientific journals and about 520 kinds of full-text documents are available


About 5,800 statistical information and 450,000 numerical data has been gathered from each country of the world form 1400 to the present for availability


The original text of journals that have been subscribed by and are currently still subscribed by paper at the central library


This is an academic journal in the fields of all topics from the first to the present year issues(the years before 2002 are available). The Best DB for those who look for back issues. Full-text is available.

Journal Citation Report (JCR)

The largest cited core scientific journals with about 7,500 kinds of cited information available

KSDC(Korean social-science Data Center)

Collection of about 30,000 categorized statistics from 1970s to present by domestic &international organization (OECD/OPEC).

M E Sharpe Journals

M E Sharpe's publishing of journals mainly in the field of social science is available.

MLA International

This provides index information of world wide language, criticism, literature, folklore related key journals.


This website offers articles from theses in 9,500 books about 50,000 journals in the fields of education, psychology, history, social aspect, religion and science &technology, etc. This covers the whole social-historical information during the period before the American Civil War to Reconstruction (the 19th century)

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary online

Oxford Journals Online

121 kinds of academic journals in a consortium published by Oxford University are available in full-text.

Oxford Reference Online

Collection of about 130 kinds of dictionaries with 25 themes &references published by Oxford University.

PAO (Periodicals Archive Online)

Key academic journals in the fields of humanities &social science from the first to the 1995 issue are available in full-text.


Theses/dissertations in all fields from major world wide universities are available in full-text. DDOD is a shared DB with KERIS( which is free of charge on campus(without log-in, IP control), but charged off campus. PQDT provides theses from world wide universities. Only 24 pages are free of charge, full-text is charged.

Project MUSE

315 kinds of academic journals of literature, language, culture, history, high art, etc. Full-text is available.

Regional Business News

Online services from news papers &weekly magazines in North America.

SAGE Journals Online

All journals published by SAGE are available in full-text.


The world's largest reference/abstract DB with a convenient interface. Reference information cited in theses which are selected by approximately 14,000 kinds of key academic journals(Peer reviewed Journal)are available.


Approximately 1,900 kinds of academic journals published by Elsevier are available in full-text. Since Elsevier is a publication specializing in the field of science, a small number of journals in the field of social science is provided. A good site for those who are looking for back issues, though.

SocINDEX with Fulltext

Collection of academic journals in the fields of humanities &sociology. Particularly 90% of journals from Sociological Abstracts, 310 kinds of journals are available in full-text.

Social Services

A DB of labor, social research, human services, social welfare, policy, social development, etc. related abstract.

Sociological Abstracts

Collection of social development, culture, social structure, demography, home, history, sociological theory, politics, policy, economic development, laws, religion, feminine research, etc. in all fields of social science.

Soocial Science Citation Index

This web site provides index of about 1,870 academic journals in the field of social science.

Source OECD

This online service provides books, periodicals, statistical DB published by OECD including 13 kinds of journals, books in 20 kinds of topics &25 kinds of statistics DB. Full-text is available.

Springer Online Journals

About 670 kinds of academic journals from the first to the most current volume published by Springer are available in full-text. (including Kluwer)

Taylor &Francis Journals

Approximately 1,055 kinds of journals in fields of all topics published by Taylor &Francis are available in full-text.

UN ComTrade

A DB of world trade statistics offered by UNSD under the UN

UN Official Documents

ID: udlkr136, Password: snulib The ODS comprises the full text of United Nations parliamentary documents (including resolutions and decisions) issued at United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations Office in Geneva since 1993 as well as at the United Nations Office in Vienna since 1997

UN Treaty Collections

A DB of over 40,000 treaties related information signed in the UN since 1946

Web of Science

A DB of cited information offered by ISI, world wide publication speciaA DB of cited information offered by ISI, world wide publication specializing in evaluation of theses &reference index. About 1,100,000 records and 2,300 references in over 230 fields of topics from approximately 8,500 academic journals are available in 3 sections divided by Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index, Arts &Humanities Citation Index.


This is Premier Online Research Service which is offered by West Group. The most prestigious and influential source of law &business. Law, cases, laws &regulations, the Administrative data, etc. All legal materials, legal dictionaries, business, economic information &news are available in this Westlaw Campus News.

Wiley Interscience

Approximately 460 kinds of academic journals published by Wiley is available in full-text.

Wilson Select Plus

Collection of world-wide academic journals in the fields of science, humanities, education and business by H.W.Wilson DB. Index for about 2,000 kinds of 2,000 articles, abstracts and original texts are available.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (CSA)

Index &abstract for articles of all fields of international politics including international relations, international law, international governance, policy, etc. are available.


Yale University utilizes the online version of the world cultural comparison materials (HRAF)


This provides about 460 kinds of original text in journals published by domestic academies. It consists of 3 DB: DBPIA(460 journals published by domestic academies), KRPIA(DB of Korean studies),


A DB of Korean Studies, history &oriental studies related fields


Collection of domestic cases, laws &regulations/ Japanese legal validity &cases

학술교육원 E-Article

Approximately 300 kinds of original text covering all various fields from over 220 domestic societies &academic organizations are available.


This provides 3,500 kinds of academic journals published by 1,100 domestic institutions(universities, academies, etc.) From the first to the most current issues are available in original text.