Inter-library Loan / Document Delivery

International Studies Library

국제대학원 140-1동

Range of provided materials

You can apply for a request to copy periodicals which are collected in the GSIS library, thesis by thesis. 
You should write the name of the listed publications and series number, title of paper, author and page number.
When you need more than one thesis in the same volume of an issue, write the name of the journal and the series number respectively.

Write the way in which you want your request to be delivered in the application form.

You can receive it by mail, fax(889-0193) or e-mail(

If you have any questions, call the periodicals stack room(02-880-2532).

Document copy application form (Hangul 2002 version)


The fee consists of copying and shipping.Shipping fee depends on your preference.Delivery by fax is available only when the volume is less than 20 pages

[Cost depends on Dispatch Method]

Dispatch Method

Postal Charges

Copying Charge

surface mail

1,100 won

70 won


3,100 won

70 won


base rate 100 won

200 won

Delivery Time

This is the time that is required to receive the requested material, It is based on the time when the application form was received and it includes data searching, copying &time needed for delivery, and delivery time

surface mail



International Area Studies Member and Organization Associated with SNU Library

average 4 days

average 2 days

average 1 days